Why InCA?
"InCA is an easy-to-use web application for modelling your manufacturing process."
InCA helps suppliers show the value of their innovative products to their customers and helps manufacturers evaluate and optimise current and future investments in new technology.
Process optimisation
Use cost as a measure to design and optimise both parts and processes - Utilisation, cycle times, automation, efficiency, maintenance, downtime
Cost modelling
Evaluate product cost even where input parameters are uncertain - Materials, depreciation, personnel, energy, scrap, rework, what-if, scenarios
Technology comparison
Visualize & compare different materials, equipment and processes - Materials, depreciation, staff, energy, maintenance scrap, reject, rework
Business case analysis
Show the business case associated investment in new technology - Return on investment, payback time, discount rate analysis
InCA® Rapid Process Modelling
InCA is a unique web application for building and analysing fully parametric economic models of any manufacturing process.

InCA includes functionality for incorporating complex process flow with built-in or user-defined cost calculations and is designed specifically for like-for-like comparison of different materials, equipment and processes.

Integrated analysis tools enable visualisation of parameter sensitivity, comparison of alternatives and evaluation of different manufacturing scenarios. InCA can also be used to optimise resource utilisation, investment in equipment and tooling and to quantify the potential return on investment from R&D activities or new technology.

Use InCA in the cloud or on your own internal server, facilitating collaboration internally or on joint development projects between companies. Suppliers can share models with potential customers to show the value of their unique products. OEMs can compare "like-for-like" different options from a range of suppliers.

Build and analyse a process in minutes
InCA has been used with many leading OEMs and tier suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and wind energy industries and in techno-economic analysis for large industrial consortia. Financial service professionals use InCA for quantitative analysis on emerging materials and manufacturing technologies.
  • Automation and production scale-up of large commercial aircraft parts
    ribs, spars, wing skins etc.
  • Comparison of composite production methods for aero-engine parts
    fan blades etc.
  • Process design for high volume automotive body-in-white assemblies
    floor pan, door inners etc.
  • Over-moulding reinforced plastic parts for consumer applications
    electronics, sports equipment etc.
  • Analysis of production cost and energy requirement for titanium mill products
    billet, bar, sheet, forging etc.
  • Comparison of additive manufacturing processes, feedstocks and scale-up
    medical implants etc.
  • Evaluation of different materials systems and process variants
    prepreg, infusion and resin transfer moulding of composites
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Technical Services
InCA Technology models manufacturing process using economic indicators as the measures of process performance. We help suppliers quantify the value of their technology for better marketing and optimal pricing strategy. We help manufacturers lower the risk of investment in new materials, equipment and processes by providing tools and information to fully understand the business case behind implementation and scale-up.
We design and build parametric process models that accurately reflect the real production environment. Using our specially designed analysis software we are able to visualise parameter sensitivity, compare alternatives and evaluate different manufacturing scenarios. Our analysis can also be used to optimise resource utilisation, direct investment in equipment and tooling and to quantify the potential return from R&D activities.
Engineering consulting services
InCA will quantify the value of existing and new technology, providing you with the information you need to make well informed business decisions.
Collaborative joint development projects
InCA supports academic and research institutions worldwide and provides support and training for students and researchers.
Academic & research projects & training
InCA participates in joint development projects across a wide range of industries with services tailored to the unique requirements of each project.
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